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“Phat Grooves”, by Roblea Music/robert Leach album cover

Robert Leach of Roblea Music/robert Leach

Robert Leach of Roblea Music/robert Leach

“Phat Grooves, the Next Editon” album cover, by Roblea Music/robert Leach

“Groove Properties”, by Roblea Music/robert Leach


Music for licensing!!!!!

Need music for your project? Let Roblea Music/robert Leach, be your solution!!!!!

Here’s some instrumental tracks, that I think you’ll like:

“House Funk 468”
“R.I.P. DJAM 4864”

I have four albums out, that are being digitally distributed worldwide. Consider Roblea Music/robert Leach, for music production/composing, or licensing, for any projects, or advertising spots, that you are working on. Here are some links, where you can listen to some of the music: