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Donations to Roblea Music/robert Leach, are most graciously accepted!!!!!.:)

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RCA Execs Confirm Jive and Arista Labels Shut Down

 6:00 AM PDT 10/7/2011 by Shirley Halperin
Arista Jive logos split

In an interview with THR, CEO Peter Edge and COO Tom Corson explain why it was time to “retire those brands” and how the artists reacted.

Amid some big changes in the music industry, new RCA Records CEO Peter Edge and longtime colleague Tom Corson, who was promoted to president and COO in August, have officially shuttered historic labels Arista and Jive. J Records, launched by Clive Davis in 2000 as an “instant major,” will also see its artists bequeathed to RCA.

Introducing Amazon Silk.


Today in New York, Amazon introduced Silk, an all-new web browser powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available exclusively on the just announced Kindle Fire.  You might be asking, “A browser?  Do we really need another one?”  As you’ll see in the video below, Silk isn’t just another browser.  We sought from the start to tap into the power and capabilities of the AWS infrastructure to overcome the limitations of typical mobile browsers.  Instead of a device-siloed software application, Amazon Silk deploys a split-architecture.  All of the browser subsystems are present on your Kindle Fire as well as on the AWS cloud computing platform.  Each time you load a web page, Silk makes a dynamic decision about which of these subsystems will run locally and which will execute remotely.  In short, Amazon Silk extends the boundaries of the browser, coupling the capabilities and interactivity of your local device with the massive computing power, memory, and network connectivity of our cloud. 

By Jeff Price

Lava lamps, Happy Days, mood rings, MASH, and Jimmy Carter’s Playboy interview weren’t the only things to come out of the ’70s. In addition, copyright law was revised by the U.S. government granting artists and songwriters “termination rights.” This law states that 35 years after 1978 the recordings and songs “owned” by record labels or publishers would revert back to the artist or songwriter regardless of if the artist or songwriter was recouped, un-recouped, etc. In other words, the government said to the labels and publishers,“ 35 years is long enough. Times up, give them back control over their work.”

For those of you counting, 35 years from 1978 is 2013.

Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand

By George Howard & Jeff Price

TuneCore artists have sold over 400 million songs over the past two years, generating over $300 million in artist and songwriter revenue.

Based on this, the idea that you can’t create a sustainable career on your own terms, without the backing of a label (major or otherwise) is empirically ludicrous.  No, not everyone will be able to do it, but the point is it is possible without a traditional label.  Anyone that says otherwise is wrong.

So, what’s the hold up?  What’s the excuse?

The Innovators: The Orchard’s Richard Gottehrer 

Entrepreneur Video Network – 


The co-founder of a successful music distributor for independent artists talks about staying nimble in a fast-changing industry.

Twitter’s Long-Term Viability:
Sean Carton | May 11, 2009 | 14 comments

Advertisers Speak Up About Twitter Ads: “The click-through rates were paltry.”
By Lauren Dugan on May 17, 2011 9:45 AM

Is Twitter Financially Viable?

Flip the Media
At the crossroads of Media, Culture and Technology

John Stang is a longtime newspaper reporter who joined the MCDM program to become relevant again.

Howard Schwartz Recording Closes: Pioneering Audio Post Firm Exits After 36 Years : SonicScoop – C
Howard Schwartz Recording (hsr|ny), one of New York City’s largest and longest-running audio post facilities, has closed its doors. The 22,000-sq. ft. facility founded by Howie Schwartz in 1975 has lost its lease, and ceased operations on May 13th.