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Roblea Music/robert Leach: #robleamusic

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Groove Properties- album coverfriends 2 043

“Phat Grooves” album cover

Robert Leach of Roblea Music/robert Leach

Robert Leach of Roblea Music/robert Leach

“Phat Grooves, the Next Editon” album cover, by Roblea Music/robert Leach


Howard Schwartz Recording Closes: Pioneering Audio Post Firm Exits After 36 Years : SonicScoop – C
Howard Schwartz Recording (hsr|ny), one of New York City’s largest and longest-running audio post facilities, has closed its doors. The 22,000-sq. ft. facility founded by Howie Schwartz in 1975 has lost its lease, and ceased operations on May 13th.