The Electric, Eclectic Artistry of Jean-Michel Basquiat

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Jean-Michel Basquiat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jean-Michel Basquiat (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) was an American artist.[1] His career in art began as a graffiti artist in New York City in the late 1970s, and in the 1980s produced Neo-expressionist painting. Basquiat died of a heroin overdose on August 12, 1988, at the age of 27.[2] jean-michael basquiat: Books

Just saw this on Amazon: ‘The Jean-Michel Basquiat Show’ by (Hardcover – May 1, 2007) for $48.98

Check out ‘Jean Michel Basquiat’ by Richard Marshall (Paperback

Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child Premieres on PBS on 4/12 at 10pm. via @AddThis

Check out this Amazon deal: ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat: 1981, the Studio of the Street’ by Diego Cortez, Glenn O’Brien


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