The music industry is being transformed, and TuneCore, is playing a major part in that process. How will the music/entertainment majors react, to the seismic shifts in technology, and business models, to maintain their dominant positions?

Find, shop for and buy TuneCore at

New #TuneCore post re #copyright & #mechanicals: How the Shift to a #Singles Market Impacts Songwriter’s Income @gah650

Great profile of @christophertin on the #tunecore blog. Discusses #grammys, scoring film and video games, and #marketing

Jeff Price, of TuneCore, interview with bio:

Yesterday’s #TuneCore Live online and available. #Copyright and band agreements discussed, & @thievingirons performance

From @digitalmusicnws “What Happens When DIY Artists Grow Up? They Get Signed…” but using #TuneCore for distribution.

The Digital Hollywood panels were taped by BMI and are now live on on YouTube. Hear Jeff Price’s “Disruption and Innovation: How to Change the Model and the Market”
Jeff Price, of TuneCore

More Jeff Price:

The Prince! I’d say great guy who’s trying to level the music industry playing field for all.

“Digital music distributor gives artists a break”


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